The Girls and Their Lockets

Princess *Riley* Of The Earth Fairies she is the 2nd born child who Queen Roxy and King Manuel gave birth to. She was born on August 21st. She's voiced by Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Season 1) Maria Quezada (Season 2) Madisyn Shipman (Rest Of Season)


Riley is upbeat, honest and goofy when she is content. However, at adolescence, Riley becomes more sentimental and uncertain of herself as her other sisters begin appearing. By the time her family moves to Sariposa, She starts to be more troubled, irked and lonely. Her mother and father at this point try to help her get adjusted to the new life. Riley can second-guess herself, but she doesn't always repent her actions.

Riley really misses Gardenia and is unable to cope with the transition. However, Riley fears letting her parents know she's upset since they want her to accept the new castle and that she has always been their " 2nd happy girl".

As time goes on, however, Riley becomes emotionally vulnerable, entering a sort of apathetic depression and coming to the point where she tries to run away, almost losing herself in the process Until, Her sadness attracts the Black Circle Of Darkness which puts her family in danger. Later, The Family use their power to defeat the Darkness and put Sariposa in Place

Appearance Edit

Riley has a yellow princess dress with black stockings and underneath yellow leggings. She has black long straight hair with sometimes a headband, She's Sometimes Optimist with her gothic boots and dress. She wears High heels and a glitter princess crown

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